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Ferrari 488 Spider

Natan Tazelaar March 11, 2018 GT/Sports Car No Comments on Ferrari 488 Spider

Less noise, more speed

With the iron door at the iconic Ferrari factory gate in Maranello buzzing open at 8:55 in the morning, I can’t help getting excited about what is going to happen. One of the most legendary sports car manufacturers invited me to drive their latest model and it is mine for the day. Shreds of childhood dreams and historic images of Formula 1 hero’s, movie stars and world leaders at this exact same location flash through my head. What is it with this inexplicable force of attraction surrounding Ferrari?

It is not just the result of a highly effective marketing department, because the village is covered in red and yellow and the number of flags and images of prancing horses is a tourist attraction in itself. Visit a Grand Prix anywhere on the planet and the amount of Tifosi is even more impressive. Such a large group of fans and devoted followers makes the release of a new Ferrari an extremely exciting and hotly debated event. In case of the 488 the tension was on an even higher level, since this is the first Ferrari in this segment with a turbocharged engine. The last time Ferrari offered forced induction was in the early nineties with the F40. That was a full blown supercar though, and the 488 operates at the opposite side of the sports car spectrum.

International Engine of the Year Awards

As a member of the International Engine of the Year Awards, I kindly requested a detailed technical explanation about the newly developed F154 V8 engine. So they didn’t just hand me the keys. I was first bombarded by Ferrari engineers with all the innovative improvements that put the 488 ahead of the competition and hopefully ahead of the 458 Italia as well. Especially that last part was very important during the development process: the naturally aspirated 4.5 V8 with 562 hp – dominating different classes of the International Engine of the Year Awards for years – could spin up to 9,000 rpm sounding like a race car that accidentally found its way onto public roads. Impressed with all the scientific details and the dazzling numbers, I received the red key to a spectacular blue 488 Spider along with the message: “You can drive as far as you like, but please make sure to return the car before five pm.” Now that’s a good start!

Extreme speeds

Turning left from that famous front gate I drive through the small centre towards the hills. I have a map on the passengers seat showing a route highlighted with a marker and this is one of the routes that factory test drivers use during their daily routine. I expected people to be accustomed to Ferraris driving at extreme speeds here, but I did not expect so many people to cheer, smile and honk at the metallic blue rocket shooting past. While revving the engine to its max of 8,000 rpm, I notice it sounds less aggressive and not as loud as the naturally aspirated V8 in the 458, but intimidating nonetheless. More like a baritone bark instead of a hysterical shriek. That 8,000 rpm redline is exactly where you want to keep this eight cylinder, because that is where it delivers full power. It doesn’t just deliver it though, it throws it in your face, or in your back actually and with a brutal amount of force. The 488 accelerates in such a way that you need to focus on the braking point of the next corner, while still exiting the corner before it. This car accelerates so ferociously that in most situations on public roads you simply can’t use its full potential.

Gran Turismo

As much as I enjoy blasting down these roller coaster mountain roads, I have to abort this high speed rush for my own safety. Exceeding speed limits by a factor three and vehicles I overtake appearing to go backwards are clear signs of imminent disaster. The ideal moment then, to turn the manettino on the steering wheel to ‘Sport’, retract the roof and enjoy the 488 in a completely different way. La Dolce Vita. This hard core street racer turns out to have a very gentle side as well. The engine sound changes into a background rumble, the transmission becomes silky smooth and the chassis shows that Ferrari is still master and commander in the Gran Turismo segment. On the last part of the route, I floor the accelerator one more time. Even in this – relatively – comfortable mode the V8 pops and crackles on the downshifts and the Spider screams down the road again. The increase in speed is so powerful that it gives the impression of your full body weight being pressed into the backrest without your backside putting any pressure on the seat. This sensation is instantly flipped 180 degrees when the huge calipers bite down into the carbon fiber disks and I crash back to the 50 km/h (30 mph) speed limit, with the air being pressed out off my lungs due to the immense pressure of the safety belt.


With schoolboys waving and pointing ecstatically and tourist snapping pictures, I drive through the front gate to return the Spider, buzzing with mixed emotions. Sad because I don’t want this test drive to end, but happy because the 488 has exceeded every single expectation. Worries about a less responsive and muffled engine due to turbocharging have completely disappeared and the feared turbo gap is only faintly noticeable below 3,000 rpm. The only turbo lag is the one between the resignation of the iconic F40 and the launch of this latest descendant that, without any doubt, has the best turbocharged engine available at this time.

In short:

  • Performance
  • World-class V8 twin turbo
  • Sleek design
  • Dangerous without proper skills

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